Wamer is a project on the use of various means to accelerate the design of SPA. We develop our own strategy to build Web pages from a set of relatively small independent units.
Each such unit includes markup (HTML), style (CSS) and script (JS). The unit also has a set of parameters (settings) which gives the desired level of abstraction and reusability.
So we call such unit a stencil.
The distinguishing features of our technology :
  • We assemble the Web page neither on server nor on client-side. We do it on design stage. So the resulting page contains just pure HTML/CSS/JS and does not require any additional heavyweight frameworks. (The only exclusion we do is jQuery. We like it, and we use it almost all over:))
  • On the other hand, we widely use many contemporary frameworks for the convenience at design time: mustache and Underscore.js for templating; Less for styling; CodeMirror for text editing, etc.
  • All our tools are placed on-line. And we can use them anytime anywhere: at work, at home, at the bar, on a beach, on romantic rendezvous, ... ...
IDE Wamer IDE  is an "old-school" on-line tool for component-based Web development... Read More & Run It
sketch Wamer Sketch  is on-line WYSIWYG stencil-based tool. Just draw your Web page!... Run It
html-include HTML include  is a small script to include a HTML page into another one... Read More
YOM-parser YOM parser  gets human-readable component content and converts it into JS object... Read More
imaging-plugin Imaging Plugin  is made by Wamer highly customizable wrapper to Imaging applet... Try it! Buy it!