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Is There Any Glamour In Being A Casino Dealer?

Is There Any Glamour In Being A Casino Dealer?

If you happen to be somebody who is absolutely in love with gambling, and if you want to be a casino dealer, I feel that it would be the right job for you. A casino dealer is someone who has to know all of the rules and regulations of all the games. If you are somebody who likes what happens in casinos, you should definitely get a job there, so that you can even get paid for it. You get to see all of the games up close and, you will be able to stay in the casino for extended periods of time. You will also have a very exciting and also very fun-fuelled time, every single day. Some of the casino dealers also get some offers along with their jobs. A lot of them have perks as well. You will be getting an inside look as to what the casino industry has to offer to its employees.

Is There Any Glamour In Being A Casino Dealer?

  1. You should make sure that you keep in mind that you should not gamble when you are on the job. This is something that can actually get you fired, because it could possibly be illegal in a lot of places. You can obviously gamble when you clock out, because after you clock out, you are just like any other normal citizen.
  2. One of the best things about being a casino dealer is the fact that you get to collect a lot of tips from drunken gamblers who have no idea how much they are giving you. Some gamblers may even drop $100, without even knowing that they just did that. If you are a casino dealer, you may even end up earning more money, from just tips.
  3. The casino market is obviously very competitive, and if you end up landing a job as a dealer, you should be very happy that you did.
  4. Casinos everywhere are always on the lookout for very exceptionally qualified dealers who know exactly what they are doing.
  5. The casino dealers will obviously have to go through a specific training period before they can start out on the casino floor. There are a lot of factors that you will have to consider before you become a dealer.
  6. You may even have to take a course in some countries.
  7. The average salary of a casino dealer would be around $20,000 per year, but this can go up and reach $60,000 a year, including tips. If you are working in casinos like the Bellagio or even the Caesar’s Palace, you can expect a much higher salary and a much higher tipping percentage.
  8. Make sure that you have some job security and make sure that you are good at your job.