Heart of Wamer

Use of stencils on the Web page is as simple as calling subroutines in traditional programming.
Stencils can refer to other stencils, creating a hierarchy of required complexity.
One stencil can be reused within the same page, and on another page, and even in another project.

Development with Wamer is done entirely in your browser and does not require additional installed resources.
Coding is supported by various useful tools.
Subsequent page building requires minimum efforts: just click “Assembly”.

Your assembled application will include just pure HTML/CSS/JS and does not require additional client-side components.
On the other hand, you can include to your pages any third-party libraries which are needed for your application.

Wamer also includes a Stencils Gallery with some starting set of sample stencils, and Design/Edit plugin with elements of WISYWIG for your page design.

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You can use Wamer in one of modes: ‘full’ (requires Login) or ‘off-line’. In full mode, you can save projects to and then load them from the server-side database. In off-line mode, you have no access to the server-side database, but your project is backed-up (along with assemble). You can store it in your locall computer and later import into Wamer.